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David P. Smalley

Manager, Forensic Technology & Consulting

TransPerfect Legal Solutions

1500 Market Street, 27th Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19102


David Smalley is a Manager of Forensic Technology and Consulting for a leading worldwide electronic discovery organization with over 90 offices throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. He is responsible for the Philadelphia office supervising all electronic discovery forensics projects. David is a frequent speaker at conferences nationally and a leading contributor in the area of mobile forensics, cellular technology, and internet investigations. 

Mr. Smalley and his team are personally involved in the initial scope, preservation, investigative analysis and reporting of all data involved in litigation. He leads a team of experts who are well versed on the proper handling of digital evidence and associated investigative processes. 

Prior to his current role David was affiliated with local law enforcement assigned to multiple departmental investigations divisions and also a member of the Department of Justice Internet Crimes Against Children task force. 

Mr. Smalley is a court qualified expert in computer forensics, mobile forensics and cellular technology. He has experience in criminal court testimonies involving homicide, sexual assault, home invasion, kidnapping, robbery, and burglary. He also holds multiple industry certifications in computer forensics, mobile forensics and video surveillance from federal and vendor specific agencies. 

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