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Internet & application safety

Technology is everywhere, most importantly in the hands of our children. Learn how to keep kids safe while on the internet. Keep reading to find out more!

Internet Minute in 2018

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  • Define "Social Media"
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Social Media
  • Latest Social Media Platforms & Applications
  • Location-based Services & Metadata
  • Applications & Services with No Regard to User Privacy
  • Limit Connectivity With Current Built-in Technology

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"...He is a hard worker, who always completed difficult tasks well and on time. He is a great resource. I highly recommend him."
Matthew Weintraub
District Attorney
"David Smalley was an exceptional employee and a true asset for the Bensalem Police Department..."
William McVey
Police Deputy Director
"...David is also up to date on all current and past technologies and always amazes me with his knowledge."
Robert Bugsch
Police Lieutenant
“David’s presentation blew our families away! He opened their eyes to all the risks out there for their children with technology..."
David Robinson
School Principal
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